Three Essential Protective Gears in Rugby

Protective Gear pic
Protective Gear

A certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Anthony Perrone, MD, has accumulated over 10 years of medical training and experience. During his days as a medical student, Dr. Anthony Perrone played rugby, and has continued to follow the sport.

Rugby’s violent nature requires players to wear protective gear. Some of the sport’s essential gear includes:

Mouth guard – Players often get elbowed or hit in the mouth while playing, causing them to bite down on their tongues or sustain shock in their jaws. A mouth guard not only prevents these injuries from happening, but also thwarts players from biting their opponents out of adrenaline, saving them from penalties.

Headgear – Softer than a football helmet, rugby headgear reduces the impact a player sustains when getting hit. Because rugby is a collision sport, head injuries are common. Headgear also prevents players, specifically rugby shorts, from having their ears grazed.

Protection vests – The upper bodies of rugby players receive much abuse from all the pounding and collisions. Protection vests feature light pads that absorb impact. They also protect the skin from abrasions. However, most players prefer wearing protection vests during practice only, since the extra padding can inhibit their agility.


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