Preparing to Recover From Hand Surgery

Hand Surgerypic
Hand Surgery

For the past several years, Anthony Perrone, MD, has provided plastic and reconstructive surgery for congenital issues, oncologic processes, and traumatic injuries. Holding an MD from Dartmouth Medical School, Dr. Anthony Perrone serves as chief plastic surgeon at Maine General Medical Center, where he performs hand and upper extremity surgery.

Since you need to reduce hand movement for several weeks after a hand surgery, you must plan ahead for the procedure. This includes arranging your home so chairs and items are easily accessible and labeling belongings that are heavy to help you remember what you should and shouldn’t lift. Further, prepare your meals in disposable bakeware before surgery so you can reheat them without straining your hand and get plenty of straws in case you struggle with lifting mugs or cups.

Beyond preparing your home, recovering from hand surgery requires a few lifestyle changes, such as stopping smoking and elevating the hand. Limiting stress through exercise, yoga, or socialization also helps the hand heal faster. However, you should check with your physician before engaging in any physical activity to ensure it is safe.

Finally, always follow post-operative instructions. Through these, you will learn how to avoid stiffness in your hand and see a rough guide for how long the recovery process is for your specific injury. Depending on the type of hand surgery you’ve had, the recovery process may take six to 14 weeks or longer. After that, you may have to wait another six months to fully regain strength and movement.


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