Alpha Omega Alpha Recognizes Medical Professionalism

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Alpha Omega Alpha


Anthony Perrone, MD, cultivated a career in medicine by pursuing pharmacy as his pre-medical degree. After completing his pre-medical program, Dr. Perrone attended Dartmouth Medical School, where he spent five years obtaining a doctor of medicine degree. In the same school, Anthony Perrone, MD, became a member of Alpha Omega Alpha.

Alpha Omega Alpha is an honor medical society with a commitment to the healing profession. Founded in 1902, the society elects about 3,500 members each year, and has admitted over 150,000 members since its inception. Alpha Omega Alpha also supports several programs for students and faculty, at educational institutions with existing society chapters.

One of the Alpha Omega Alpha’s programs, the Edward D. Harris Professionalism Award, recognizes medical programs in schools and institutions for their professionalism in medical education. Nominated programs should display sustainability and effectiveness in their teaching practice, as well as be duplicable to other medical establishments. The recipient of the award receives a cash gift of $10,000. Awardees of the 2017 Edward D. Harris Professionalism Award will be declared on June 15, 2017.